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This list represents a very small portion of Collectible Coins available for sale by us. We make every effort to update this list as frequently as possible as items are sold. Please click on the item description to see images.

Item Availability Bullion Weight Spot Price Premium Total Price
1851 $1 Liberty Head Gold XF45 Details 0 oz 170.00
1853 $2.5 Liberty Head Gold VF Details 0 oz 225.00
1878-CC Morgan Silver Dollar MS-62 NGC 0 oz 370.00
1878 8-Tail Feather Morgan Silver Dollar MS-61 DMPL PCGS 0 oz 255.00
1882-CC Morgan Silver Dollar MS-63 PCGS 0 oz 215.00
1883-CC Morgan Silver Dollar MS-63 PCGS 0 oz 210.00
1921-D Morgan Silver Dollar MS-65 NGC 0 oz 240.00
1932 Washington Quarter MS-64 NGC 0 oz 69.50
1939-D Rev. 1938 Jefferson Nickel MS-66 NGC 0 oz 75.00
1961-64 US Silver Proof Sets 0 oz 17.00
1987-S Silver American Eagle PF-69 Ultra Cameo NGC 0 oz 49.00
2004-W Silver American Eagle PF-70 Ultra Cameo NGC 0 oz 65.00
2012-S Silver American Eagle Reverse Proof PF-70 NGC 0 oz 70.00
Live Spot Prices